E X E C U T I V E
      T E A M

<strong>Gandharv Nagrani</strong><br>Lead Organiser

Gandharv Nagrani
Lead Organiser

<strong>Sarthak Modi</strong><br>Co-Lead Organiser

Sarthak Modi
Co-Lead Organiser

<strong>Farhan Sakkir</strong><br>Curator

Farhan Sakkir

<strong>Saleh Mansoor</strong><br>Head of Marketing and Finance

Saleh Mansoor
Head of Marketing and Finance

<strong>Devang Acharya</strong><br>Head of IT

Devang Acharya
Head of IT

<strong>Subiksha Chittibabu</strong><br>Head of Visual Design

Subiksha Chittibabu
Head of Visual Design

<strong>Najah Ismail</strong><br>Head of Visual Design

Najah Ismail
Head of Visual Design

<strong>Suchitra Senthil</strong><br>Head of Graphic Design

Suchitra Senthil
Head of Graphic Design

<strong>Abanna Aisha</strong><br>Head of Logistics

Abanna Aisha
Head of Logistics

<strong>Malika Dixit</strong><br>Executive Producer

Malika Dixit
Executive Producer

<strong>Aiden Roche</strong><br>Head of Event Management

Aiden Roche
Head of Event Management